Toddler Curriculum

Getting a toddler admitted to a preschool is very important in order to ensure an orderly development of the mental faculties. A set toddler curriculum is usually followed in most educational institutions, which is aimed at ensuring that a child gains the most out of his school experience. A good toddler curriculum must aim at the development of both mental capabilities along with the improvement of motor skills.

When planning for toddler curriculum, it is important to ensure that the activities incorporated into the daily schedule are not restrictive, uninteresting or monotonous. The curriculum for toddlers or creative curriculum for preschool must be interactive, fun and easy to follow for children of varying mental skills.

The main factor for consideration when coming up with toddler lesson plans is the age of the children in question. The toddler curriculum or early childhood curriculum must be age appropriate so that it can be easily followed. It should not be such that it confuses and frustrates the children being taught. The best way to teach today’s children who are known for having extremely short attention spans is to educate them by way of incorporating educational games for toddlers in the lesson plans. It is a well-known fact that children not only learn faster if taught in a fun manner, but they also have more chances of retaining their lessons. On the other hand, it may become quite difficult to manage children if boring lectures are being provided in a direct manner such as by just reading the books aloud.

The toddler curriculum should consist of a healthy mix of playful activities concentrated on enhancing socializing skills, as well as educational ones that aim at providing knowledge about the world. Children can be taken on frequent field trips so that they become more and more aware of their surroundings and they develop abilities to understand the world around them. They can be taken to local areas like nearby supermarkets to show them the way retail stores work, or even to a plant nursery in order to educate them about the way plants grow. Such experiences are bound to leave an indelible print on their minds and ensure that they remember them throughout their life.

In the classroom, toddler curriculum should also consist of reading interesting stories, so as to inculcate the great habit of reading at an early age. The teacher can choose popular fairy tales that consist of a lot of drama, action and adventure. The key to ensuring that the children’s interest is maintained is by narrating the stories and enacting out the roles of the different characters. A play can also be directed with the children playing the different characters. This will help ensure that the stories are understood and remembered by them. It will also be a fun activity in which the toddlers will enjoy taking part in.